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For any project that you may have, there are many questions that need answering when considering signage implementation. The audience, the message, the environment, & the function are some the key areas to consider.
We approach these questions by first having a look at technical possibilities. This includes the design, brand, location, durability and finally to the information that you would like to be delivered. With our many years of experience in the Signage industry, our capable consultation focuses on a well-designed signage can help your business flourish in a busy environment.

At Universal Signs, we kick off by integrating your company or ideas into the process that will create the desired outcome of the project.
We keep it simple.
The plan is to achieve that level of quality. The assurance is what needs to be done. Flexibility in every aspect of the project, makes sure that the quality will be met.
Together with you, we compare the current and the newly proposed appearance, the technical drawings & dimensions.
We also keep you informed with all the relevant data which allows you to control the status, progress and execution of your new appearance.

The design and development stage. Here we take your ideas and transform them into a concept for the sign. The design includes the plan or specification for the project and this refers to the visual appearance of the sign and its face. Our design experts and in consultation with your ideas, incorporate some key elements into the design. This can be the branding, graphics & images, text, size & dimensions, the layout, formattings, shape, call to action and in the long run the content.
Before approval of the final design, we provide you with a prototype which is a preliminary version of the end product. This helps you to visualise your signage and make sure you’re happy with the project. In general, it give you the idea of what your sign will look like inside/ outside of your building, on your storefront, or at the roadside, before we finalise.

Over the years we have completed a wide range of signage installation and maintenance projects. From banners, billboards, corporate solutions, directional signs, indoor & outdoor signs, neon signs, vinyl window displays, point of sale signage, vehicle graphics and other varieties. Universal Signs Ltd takes great care to ensure each installation job is carried out safely, smoothly and within the health and safety guidelines.
We offer a nationwide sign installation and our team of experienced installers guarantee that your signs will be installed properly and safely so your message is delivered without a hitch.
Your signage is an investment towards your company. We therefore work with you to make sure that the said investment provides you with the highest possible return.

The ability to convey your message out to the public depends very much on the appearance of the sign. A damaged, worn, or outdated sign can create an unprofessional appearance and may give customers the impression that you’re not committed to offering them the best products and services.
Regular sign maintenance ensures that your company is presented in the best light at all times. Not only will this image contribute to your brand, but it will also help customers and partners see that you place the utmost importance on their needs and your work.
Universal Signs Ltd, offers you a flexible service which in turn is an important part of your company presentation.

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